The DoorScope is a revolutionary new product. With the Doorscope, the
viewer can stand at a distance of up to SEVEN FEET from inside the door
and see a "Clear Image" of the visitor outside.

Doorscope is the first known door viewer that can easily be used by
short-stature adults, wheelchair users and children, as the viewer may be 12
to 15 inches below or on either side of the product and still see outside. A
must have for the elderly and visually impaired! Also, the DoorScope allows
the viewer to see a visitors upper and lower body and anything that s/he
may be carrying.

For added Security, the visitor is unable to look through the DoorScope to
see inside. The only viewing device more effective than the DoorScope, is
the video surveillance camera.

The DoorScope is manufactured incorporating the latest technology in
advanced optics. In a series of two prisms and two plano convex lenses. The
Doorscope provides a super wide angle view producing 132 degress of
horizontal visibility.

The DoorScope has Universal Applications:

Residential and Commercial
Hotels and Motels
Condos and Apartments
Colleges and Universities
Resturant`s back Doors.
and many more..

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