There are many things to consider when looking at the security of your business, the first of which is your
front door.
Many aluminum storefront doors are very vulnerable to attack due to the fact that the lock cylinder can be
easily and quickly wrenched out of the door, thereby allowing access to your business.
AMS locksmith & Door services offers several solutions to this problem and is able to eliminate this risk.
Call AMS locksmith & Door services today to find out how.
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The next thing to look at is your back and side doors.

Many back doors are in poorly lit areas which makes these doors especially vulnerable to physical attacks.

It is important that you check all your doors for
latch protectors and high quality deadbolts, as this is
what is going to keep your business safe at night.  

Contact AMS locksmith & Door services to find out what we can do to upgrade your back doors.
locksmith Latch protector,lock guard plate,crow bar protection for back/front business/office metal doors
Commercial  Door Exit Alarms Devices :

Exit alarms are a great way to protect exit doors from shoplifters or other unauthorized openings of these

When doors are opened, a loud 90 decibel alarm is triggered to alert you that someone has opened that

We Supply and install alarm devices such as Detex,Von Duprin,PG 21 and others.
locksmith commercial alarm panic device lock for metal back doors installation in resturants,etc.
The most important thing is  having a Heavy duty high grade or high security commercial deadbolt on
your side or back door is essential.  

Call AMS locksmith & Door services today to have our security professional install one today.
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When you are protecting assets reaching into the tens and hundreds of thousands-of-dollars, you will
want a safe equal to the task.

You will want UL's very best burglary rated safes, and that's just what  AMS locksmith & Door services

Call us for the best prices for safes installed in your business.
We also change combinations and repair safes.
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The Doorscope provides a super wide angle view producing 132 degress of horizontal visibility.

With the Doorscope, the viewer can stand at a distance of up to SEVEN FEET from inside the door and
see a "Clear Image" of the visitor outside.
The DoorScope has Universal Applications:

Residential and Commercial
Hotels and Motels
Condos and Apartments
Colleges and Universities
Resturant`s back Doors.
warehose back doors,etc.

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